Wednesday, October 06, 2004

PM releases letter of thanks from Iraqi Govt.: "The Prime Minister has made public a letter he received last week from the acting Prime Minister of Iraq. The letter thanks John Howard for Australia's contribution to securing peace and safety for the people of Iraq. Foreign Minister Alexander Downer has used the letter to criticise Labor's plan to withdraw Australian troops by Christmas.

"'I think he makes the very serious point that a draw down of Australian forces in the near term could have serious consequences for Iraq and the international community,' he said. 'It would indicate that important Coalition partners are not willing to stay the course with us until Iraqi security forces are able to provide the security of this nation. 'It would embolden terrorists and insurgents.'"

The quisling Iraqi 'Prime Minister' Allawi is a CIA asset and puppet of the US with a reputation as a thug and a murderer and practically zero support or legitimacy within Iraq itself. (Saddam, anyone?) Australia should end the practice of lending support to dictatorial, undemocratic governments merely because they are prepared to align themselves with US interests. Australian forces in Iraq are small and their presence or absence is unlikely to have any impact on the insurgency. They should be withdrawn for symbolic reasons, and of course as a guarantee of their own safety. Their continued presence in Iraq just like Australia's involvement in the illegal invasion of Iraq can only lead to increased resentment among muslims the world over.

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