Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Traumatised marine commits suicide back home: "Jeff wrote to Julianne Proulx, his girlfriend since 1997, that he had done 'immoral things.'" ... While drunk, Lucey took two handmade Iraqi dog tags from around his neck, threw them at his younger sister, and told her that he felt like a murderer.... He spoke of elderly people killed as they tried to run from Marines rolling into Nasariya. He spoke of a small Iraqi boy, bloody and prone in the dusty street, shot in the head and the chest and still holding a small, bloodstained American flag in his hands.... He spoke of how he had been ordered to shoot two Iraqi prisoners. He remembered how he had looked into their eyes and hesitated, watching as they shook in terror, and thinking of their families.... On June 22, he chose the last of these three methods, hanging himself with a hose in the basement of his parents' home."

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