Monday, October 25, 2004

Letters From the Home Front: "I also feel her frustration, her fear, her all-encompassing anxiety, and most of all her overriding anger. Like Ms. Allison, I can no longer seem to communicate at all with my family's members, all of whom are also right-wing, religious, knee-jerk supporters of Bush.... Living in Mississippi precludes most thoughtful discussion of the war, the President, or any other topic relating to this administration.

"My anger at this president has become so intense that I can no longer watch him on television or listen to him on NPR; I literally become physically ill. I recently e-mailed the White House to ask the President to do a little soul searching late at night away from distraction by advisors, campaign staff, etc. I asked him to then ask himself if he thought this war was worth the sacrifice of his twins, because I sincerely felt that it was not worth the sacrifice of mine."

Sentiments such as these explain why the pretext for the war had to be the 'threat' of Iraq's 'WMDs' and 'terror links'. Had the Administration argued that it needed to 'remove a tyrant' and 'build democracy' in a faraway country most people couldn't spell or locate on a map it would have been scorned and laughed at. You want to spend x amount of dollars at a cost of x number of lives to do what? Forget it!

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