Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Iraq war rouses terrorists, ASIO says: "ASIO director Dennis Richardson says that on a global level, the conflict in Iraq may have created more terrorists. "The only reasonable assumption is that Iraq has added to the number of militant Islamists and will lead to the development of international linkages between such individuals and groups," he said.

"As a result, he says it is Australian interests overseas that are at greater risk because of Iraq, especially those in the Middle East. Mr Richardson says the coalition campaign in Iraq has helped Al Qaeda recruit potential terrorists. "Iraq has provided Al Qaeda with propaganda in recruitment opportunities and it only stands to reason that they would have some success," he said. "It has provided another justification or rationalisation for acts of terrorism. "It has increased the threat against Australian interests in the Middle East.""

Yet more testimony regarding the obvious about the phony 'war on terror'. It might be more to the point to attempt to collect expert testimony saying that the war on Iraq has reduced the risk and recruitment of terrorists. Is there a single one?

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