Friday, October 29, 2004

For 13th Year, U.N. General Assembly Urges U.S. to End Embargo Against Cuba: "The Cuban-sponsored resolution calling for the embargo to be repealed 'as soon as possible' was approved by a vote of 179-4 with one abstention, very similar to last year's vote of 179-2 with two abstentions. The resolution is not legally binding and Cuba's Foreign Minister Felipe Perez Roque said the U.S. government has ignored it for the last 12 years. But he said "that does not diminish the importance and momentousness" of the vote to the Cuban people and to show the worldwide opposition to the 43-year-old trade embargo."

Micronesia was the sole abstention, with the US, Israel, Micronesia and Palau voting against. This means that the Howard government, normally in lock step with the US on its most extreme actions, such as the invasion of Iraq or Israel's apartheid wall, voted against the embargo and the wishes of the United States. It may be the case that with the entire world opposed to the embargo, even the Howard government could not allow itself to be seen so far out on a limb.

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