Tuesday, November 11, 2003

New rate rises ahead as debt binge rolls on: "The bank's concern about the imbalances in the economy being caused by ballooning debt - fuelled by runaway house prices - was underscored by figures yesterday showing the number of new home loans rose 4 per cent in September to a record. Housing finance was up 19.1 per cent in the year."

"Despite the growth in new lending, the proportion of first home buyers seeking finance fell to a record low of 13.3 per cent, reflecting the continuing surge in house prices. The figures show that the average home loan in NSW, after refinancing of existing loans is excluded, hit $241,100 last month. Including refinancing, it hit a record $231,900 - up 15 per cent in the year."

These figures suggest there is a strong investor or speculative component in the housing boom.

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