Tuesday, November 11, 2003

Neocons lost the plot: "With Iraqi resistance forces downing a second American military helicopter in a week, veteran Iranian and Arab political analysts are warning of 'a debacle' awaiting the coalition forces, putting the blame squarely on the decision to dissolve the Iraqi army overnight, and a lack of adequate intelligence. 'One of the biggest mistakes of the coalition forces was to dissolve the army and the security forces,' Peyman Pejman of the Inter Press Service quoted Brigadier-General Mohammed Abdullah Shahwani as saying in Baghdad."

""The decision to dismantle the 400,000 to half a million strong army and, as a result, send over 2 million people - based on one Iraqi family consisting of six mouths at the minimum - most of them angry, humiliated young men, was a great miscalculation and we shall see its disastrous consequences in the near future," one expert said."

Back in the time of Bush 1, not only was there an appreciation of the substantial risks and dangers of an occupation of Iraq, there was a realisation that the best outcome for the US would be 'an iron fisted junta without Saddam.' The neocons, in sacking the Iraqi army, seem to be demonstrating they are nothing but incompetent imperialists, where ideology substitutes for sound strategic assessments.

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