Friday, November 07, 2003

Judge blasts Howard and Carr over remarks in Hanson case: "'Such statements from legislators could reasonably be seen as an attempt to influence the judicial appellate process and to interfere with the independence of the judiciary for cynical political motives,' she wrote in her comments supporting the appeal finding. The senior judge warned that 'a failure by legislators to act with similar restraint in the future, whether out of carelessness or for cynical short-term political gain, will only undermine confidence in the judiciary and consequentially the democratic government of this state and nation'."

Justice McMurdo said she was unaware of any public retraction of the statements made by Mr Howard, Mr Carr, Mrs Bishop, or other critical comments by the Queensland One Nation leader Bill Flynn and the West Australian One Nation MP Bill Flynn.

""If these observations were accurately reported, they are concerning," Justice McMurdo said. "They demonstrate, at the least, a lack of understanding of the rule of law, the principle that every person and organisation is subject to the same laws and punishment, and not to the arbitrary wishes of individuals or the passing whim of the day.""

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