Sunday, November 16, 2003

Can Watching Oprah Be Hazardous to Women's Political Health?: "Reliable poll after reliable poll reveals the electorate's views more closely parallel the Democrats'. But, Republicans wedge that consensus by playing to a few emotional grenade issues, including abortion, gay rights, and who 'loves Jesus more.' Arnold couldn't play those tunes. So, the GOP found another way. Not surprisingly, Arnold took a page from the Reagan gubernatorial playbook and the movie, Network's, 'mad as hell' mantra. Another unoriginal touch was his appropriation of the 'No-car-tax,' one-liner from budget-destroying former Virginia Governor Jim Gilmore. Moreover, by airing Arnold unchallenged, Oprah blurred all the stark differences between the two parties' agendas and exploited Californians' focus on general outrage. The real roots of California's fiscal problems are mostly the handiwork of the GOP (e.g., the contrived energy crisis, unjustified federal tax cuts, Proposition 13, and the stallout in the legislature due to 2/3 rule for California. budget items)."

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