Wednesday, November 12, 2003

Jewish Voice for Peace: more dumping on Barak: "Ever since the failure of the talks at Camp David in 2000, Barak has been on a campaign to convince the world that the failure of those talks was entirely the fault of Yasir Arafat. Barak’s claim that he presented a “generous offer” to the Palestinians that was refused plays into the worst fears of American and Israeli Jews: that the Palestinians are not interested in peace, but only in destroying the Jewish people.

"Many American and Israeli officials who were present during the Camp David summit have worked long and hard to debunk this version of events yet Barak’ s version still holds sway. But many are coming to see Barak as a politician who plays on the worst fears of his constituency simply to present his own failures in a more favorable light... Instead of working to ensure that Israeli children will grow up able to live a normal and fulfilling life in a peaceful Israel, Ehud Barak has been touring the world working to save his reputation."

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