Thursday, November 06, 2003

George Bush is a liar: impeach him: "On Sunday, 18 more young Americans died in Iraq serving the vanity of an American President who woefully betrayed them and who has no idea where his policies are taking his country. This is a President who, as is now amply clear, has systematically lied to the troops and the American people about the reasons for going to war, distorting evidence to claim that the United States was threatened by Saddam Hussein's weapons of mass destruction and linking Iraq to the September 11 terrorist attacks."

"Having led America and its allies by the nose into a clumsy, ill-advised Middle East power grab, President Bush is faced with a terrible quandary: what do we do now? The occupation of Iraq is not working and will not work. And US intentions in Iraq are far from clear. Though there may be an echo of "white man's burden" that seeks to export "civilisation", even that highly questionable goal is clouded and undermined by the fact that Washington inevitably will put a higher priority on having a new Iraq serve America's superpower needs - oil, commerce, military power - rather than meet the needs of regular Iraqis. Unless America is willing to trade the lives of US troops and Iraqis for the obsessions of empire, America must end the occupation now."

This article, published in a mainstream corporate US newspaper, is another in a string of ringing denunciations of Bush and his policies. All the more remarkable, therefore, that John Howard should be untouched for following those policies right into the quagmire. Could there ever be a more ineffective opposition than what we are now seeing from the Labor party?

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