Wednesday, October 01, 2003

UN Report Slams Israeli Wall as Illegal Annexation of Palestinian Land: "'The evidence strongly suggests that Israel is determined to create facts on the ground amounting to de facto annexation,' the report said. 'Annexation of this kind, known as conquest in international law, is prohibited by the Charter of the United Nations and the Fourth Geneva Convention,' it added. 'The time has come to condemn the wall as an unlawful act of annexation in the same way that Israel's annexation of east Jerusalem and the Golan Heights has been condemned as unlawful,' Dugard said. The capture and subsequent annexation of east Jerusalem from Jordan and the Golan Heights from Syria in the 1967 Six Day War were condemned in UN Security Council resolutions. The United States has strongly objected to plans to incorporate Jewish settlements in the West Bank on the Israeli side of the wall."

Standard US policy is to 'object' to Israeli violations of international law but then to tacitly support them. Any UN resolution about the wall would almost certainly be vetoed by the US. The UN resolutions about Jerusalem and the Golan Heights were passed after the 6 day war because the US had not yet adopted its policy of Israel and its occupation as a client state. This adoption occurred around 1970-71, unfortunately just about the same time as the Arab states were adopting a policy of recognition for Israel. This is why the Arab-Israeli conflict has never been resolved: prior to about 1970, the Arabs would not recognise Israel; subsequent to 1970, the US would not recognise the Palestinians.

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