Wednesday, October 29, 2003

Andrew Bolt: archetypal News Ltd/neo-liberal propagandist: "What we saw, and not just in Brown's heckling of US President George W. Bush, was exactly what makes the Greens so dangerous. I'll go further, even if it offends readers who'd like to think Brown is just a well-meaning crank. What we saw reminds me that greens were in the past willing recruits to the Nazis, and explains why they today form the parliamentary party most likely to inspire violence."

It is the Liberal-National coalition that has practiced, not merely 'inspired', violence in the form of preventive war (Nuremburg: "the supreme crime") against Iraq, on false pretexts as flimsy as those advanced by the Kaiser's Germany in its attack on Belgium in 1914; or by Hitler's Germany against Poland in 1939. Two of the four fundamental principles of the Australian Greens are: peace and non-violence; grassroots democracy.

In another article by Bolt, he develops his 'argument' that the Greens are a sort of proto-fascist group, just as they were in the rise of Hitler.

Articles such as this are a joke and one might wonder whether the hack is serious, however what is deadly serious is the fact that the News Ltd organisation produces and disseminates this kind of propaganda.

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