Monday, October 13, 2003

Chomsky: "To fail in this endeavor would take real talent. Even under far less propitious circumstances, military occupations have commonly been successful": August 2003 article emphasises the continuity of US hegemonic policy since the days of the WW11 at least, however it is acknowledged that the aggressive Bush doctrine is fraught with danger, something admitted by the US foreign policy estabilishment itself.

"The basic principles of the imperial grand strategy trace back to the early days of World War II, and have been reiterated frequently since. Even before the US entered the war, planners and analysts concluded that in the postwar world the US would seek "to hold unquestioned power," acting to ensure the "limitation of any exercise of sovereignty" by states that might interfere with its global designs. They outlined "an integrated policy to achieve military and economic supremacy for the United States" in a "Grand Area," to include at a minimum the Western Hemisphere, the former British empire, and the Far East, later extended to as much of Eurasia as possible when it became clear that Germany would be defeated."

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