Thursday, October 23, 2003

Senior Israeli pilot condemns air strikes that hit civilians: "First, it is unlawful and immoral to attack innocent civilians. Two, the situation of us oppressing another nation leads us to such unlawful, immoral situations... It is unlawful to hit innocent people, full stop. What I'm saying is that the situation should be solved politically so that we are not standing before such dilemmas every other day... It brings us to disaster, including to immoral, unlawful, according to our own law, occurrences every other day. So I'm talking to the Government... What should be done is disengagement, separation, with a border that should be as legitimate as possible, doing unilaterally by us because we are the stronger party and because this is my government that should be the wiser and more moral"

Reasonable remarks, however it is a mistake, even asinine, to be "talking to the government" - the government is the problem. It is to the people of Israel that such remarks must be addressed: to do the hard work of building the support necessary for peace and a political solution.

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