Saturday, October 25, 2003

UK MP George Galloway expelled by Labour: "MP George Galloway has been expelled from the Labour Party in the wake of his outspoken comments on the Iraq war. The Glasgow Kelvin member immediately denounced the decision as 'politically motivated' and said Labour would rue the day it decided to throw him out."

"He faced five charges relating to a television interview during the war in which he accused Mr Blair and George Bush of acting "like wolves" in invading Iraq... He said he would stick around to "fight with every bone in my body to bring a lying, deceiving prime minister to account". He added that he was determined to stay in public life. "I intend to make sure that Tony Blair regrets this day," he said."

[Labour MP Tony Benn] said: "George is a principled and courageous man who opposed the war, as did the Pope and UN Secretary General Kofi Annan. What hope is there for the Labour Party if the public think that when you join you just become a private in Mr Blair's army and have to obey orders or be thrown out of the party? That is what is really worrying."

"The Stop The War Coalition, which mounted protests outside the committee meeting in support of Mr Galloway, said the expulsion was an "absolute disgrace." Convenor Lindsey German said: "George Galloway told the truth before, during and after the war with Iraq, whereas Tony Blair has told nothing but lies. It is disgraceful that the Labour party is penalising George Galloway and giving Tony Blair a standing ovation because that does not reflect the British people's views."

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