Thursday, October 02, 2003

'Inspectors kicked out of Iraq': Another Falsehood on Iraq Goes Unchallenged: "On a weekend when the Bush administration's pre-war intelligence on Iraq was a major topic on the Sunday talkshows, Secretary of State Colin Powell re-circulated a false story about United Nations weapons inspectors being kicked out of Iraq in 1998. Some major media outlets let Powell's comments pass without comment or correction."

Richard Butler on Australian TV repeatedly makes this false statement but he is never challenged on it by a docile media which seems to feel priviliged that it has an international 'expert' condescending to comment for them. Butler has been trying to have it both ways, but that won't work. One is either for the empire or against it. Butler, Ritter, Halliday, and von Sponeck have all found themselves in similar positions. Halliday and von Sponeck have been the most committed critics, but former US Attorney General Ramsay Clark is the grandaddy of them all.

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