Friday, October 10, 2003 Customer Reviews: Deterring Democracy: "I picked up this book because I was quite ashamed at the American political scene at home and quite mystified with its actions abroad... The book proved to be an incredible read, right from the first page... If there was one book that changed my perspective on the world, this is it... Before reading this book, (or any Chomsky for that matter), I would say I was a typical democrat who thought stuff like "Clinton's not perfect, but any republican is a lot worse" and similar opinions. But after reading this book, my somewhat sheltered opinion gave way to a massive distrust of anyone in power... It changed the way I think about the world... Most attempts to criticise Chomsky have been thoroughly dishonest, trivial or just plain ludicrous... This book will provide a rude awakening for many, like me, who have relied for most of their life on standardmedia sources which tend to tow the official line in the same way as Pravda did in the Soviet Union."

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