Wednesday, April 02, 2003

S African human shields back from Iraq with message (via RW)
'Abie Dawjee, the leader of the group called the Iraqi Action Committee, said every Iraqi he had spoken to was passionate about fighting the invaders. "We spoke freely to Iraqis from all walks of life, in the streets, in hospitals, in country areas and in houses, and without exception the message was the same: the invaders must get out, we do not want you to liberate us," Mr Dawjee told reporters at Johannesburg International Airport.

'Asked about the perception of Iraqi civilans toward President Saddam Hussein, Mr Dawjee said the strong resistance against the coalition forces reflected the anger of the Iraqi people over what had been done to them since the first Gulf war in 1991. "The indiscriminate bombing in the first Gulf war that destroyed so many civilian targets, the US-led sanctions that have lead to the deaths of 1.3 million Iraqis and the dropping of depleted-uranium bombs in the final days of the last war which gave so many Iraqis cancer, have caused tremendous anger." '

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