Monday, April 07, 2003

German chancellor puts full backing behind European Union joint military force
'In response to the Iraq war and the sidelining of the United Nations, Chancellor Gerhard Schröder has called for the rapid creation of a security and military union at the European Union level and stronger ties to Russia.
In an address to the nation on Thursday, Schröder tried to rally support behind his goal of an EU-wide armed forces and the installation of a single EU foreign minister.
“The European foreign minister would outline Europe's joint interests and initiate joint action,“ the chancellor said. The EU Convention, to which France and Germany have already presented a proposal, is very open to the idea, Schröder said. The convention is currently drafting an EU constitution, which should be presented to the public this summer.

'The chancellor said an EU-wide military force would be the logical consequence of a joint foreign and security policy. He also pointed to the need to strengthen ties to Russia, although his foreign minister, Joschka Fischer, has refuted calls for Germany and France to form an axis with Russia in order to create a  counterweight to U.S. power.'

To counter US power it seems to me it would be more useful for Germany to invest in economic development rather than arms and weapons, to close all US bases, and to withdraw overflight rights.

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