Friday, April 25, 2003

British MP Galloway dismisses Saddam allegations as fantastic lies
'George Galloway, the member of Britain's ruling Labour party whom a London newspaper has accused of being in the pay of Saddam Hussein's former regime, said he had been set up and described the allegations as "absurd". "This is a lie of fantastic proportions which only the most credulous would believe," Scottish MP Galloway told BBC radio yesterday, as the allegations against him continued to mount.'

'For three days now, the right-wing Daily Telegraph - which led a pro-US stance in the build-up to and during the war on Iraq - has splashed its front page with damaging allegations surrounding Mr Galloway's links to Saddam... On Wednesday, Prime Minister Tony Blair's official spokesman described the claims against Mr Galloway as "serious" while the Labour party has promised to launch an investigation.'

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