Friday, April 18, 2003

Jordanian volunteers: Baghdad’s fall was a ‘deal’
'According to one account, the Iraqi forces left Baghdad early the morning of April 9. ?There were no Republican Guards, no Fedayeen Saddam or any other Iraqi official for that matter. No armed men were available to face the invading US forces except what remained of the Arab volunteers?who were deserted,? said one of the men, adding ?they left us exposed?we were exposed and even attacked by the retreating Iraqi forces.?

'?I woke up at dawn on April 9 to discover that the Iraqi armed forces have withdrawn from their positions without notifying the Arab volunteers - who were left on the frontlines of the battlefield?most of us were from Syria, Egypt, Jordan and Lebanon,? a Jordanian volunteer said.'

The fall of Baghdad and the regime on Wednesday April 9 was sudden and complete... this story is worth investigating.

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