Wednesday, April 02, 2003

Latest must-read Russian military intel update: War in Iraq 31 March
Vastly more detailed and up to date account of the actual military situation than anything found anywhere in the mass and corporate media.

'Russian military analysts are advising the Iraqi military command against excessive optimism. There is no question that the US “blitzkrieg” failed to take control of Iraq and to destroy its army. It is clear that the Americans got bogged down in Iraq and the military campaign hit a snag. However, the Iraqi command is now in danger of underestimating the enemy. For now there is no reason to question the resolve of the Americans and their determination to reach the set goal – complete occupation of Iraq.'

'Russian military analysts believe that the critical for the US duration of the war would be over 90 days provided that during that time the coalition will sustain over 1,000 killed. Under such circumstances a serious political crisis in the US and in the world will be unavoidable.'

If this military analysis is correct, then it provides a focus for the peace movement. The peace movement needs to gear up in the next few weeks to apply maximum pressure on UKUSA at the most propitious time to force them to accept a ceasefire and negotiated political settlement.

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