Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Problems with direct democracy: "I'm struggling to make sense of the 32 voter initiative measures on my ballot. What the hell? Isn't this why we have a representative Democracy -- so people have the time and resources to make sense of complex funding issues and priorities?

"For example, California proposition 60A asks:
Surplus Property. Legsilative Constitutional Amendment
Sale proceeds of most surplus state property pay off specified bonds. Why the hell am I being asked about this? Why can't the freakin' California legislature deal with shit like this?

"And the worst part is how these initiatives are sold to the voters: Vote YES on Prop 47: For our Children. What the fuck? Great argument! And how convenient that it happens to fit on bumper stickers and lawn signs. Half the time, the other side says the same thing: Vote NO on Prop 47: Protect our children

"So voters are supposed to sift through dozens of ballot initiatives, half the time not knowing what they're voting for. And those that DO have some idea about what they're doing do so based on ridiculously simplistic campaigns. There is a place for the ballot initiative, I'm sure. But it's clear that at least here in California, it's way too easy to get a question on the ballot. "

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