Friday, November 19, 2004

Colin Campbell 2000 Lecture explicates the concept of Peak Oil in point form (with diagrams): "Our lack of preparedness is itself amazing, given the importance of oil to our lives. The warnings were rejected and discredited as if they were words of soothsayers and prophets.... Discovery reached a peak in the 1960s - despite all the technology we hear so much about and a worldwide search for the best prospects. It should surprise no one that we now face the corresponding peak of production. This simple reasoning has been however rejected by flat-earth economists and others with a blind faith in technology and markets forces. Worse still, governments have listened to bad advice. There are many vested interests bent on confusion and denial.... There is, I think, a strong danger of some ill-considered military intervention to try to secure oil." NB. This lecture was given in the year 2000.

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