Thursday, November 04, 2004

Bageant: The Covert Kingdom: "You may not have heard of Rushdoony or Chilton or North, but taken either separately or together, they have influenced far more contemporary American minds than Noam Chomsky, Gore Vidal and Howard Zinn combined.... Meanwhile, our best thinkers on the left ask us to consider our perpetual U.S. imperial war as a fascist, military/corporate war, and indeed it is that too. But tens of millions of hardworking, earnest American Christians see it as far more than that. They see a war against all that is un-Biblical, the goal of which is complete world conquest, or put in Christian terminology, 'dominion.' They will have no less than the 'inevitable victory God has promised his new chosen people,' according to the Recon masters of the covert kingdom... Like it or not, this is the reality (or prevailing unreality) with which we are faced. The 2004 elections, regardless of outcome, will not change that. Nor will it necessarily bring ever-tolerant liberals to openly acknowledge what is truly happening in this country, the thing that has been building for a long, long time -- a holy war, a covert Christian jihad for control of America and the entire world. Millions of Americans are under the spell of an extraordinarily dangerous mass psychosis."

Years ago Chomsky was already commenting that the US was a fundamentalist country, unlike anything else in the industrialised world. But to read up via US blogs on dominionism and pseudo-fascism is simply mindboggling.

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