Saturday, November 27, 2004

Powell movement: "It’s clear to me that the invasion of Fallujah was just a diversionary action. It was meant to distract attention from the real offensive: the blitzkrieg against the CIA and the State Department. Those two agencies were the locus of opposition to Bush’s reckless foreign policy, and they are no more. The alarmist, war-on-terror people are bashing the CIA for being “risk averse,” which is neocon nonsense, and for having failed to stop the 9/11 attacks, which is more than a little unfair. Now Goss is a giant wrecking ball. The two top officials in the Directorate of Operations walked out yesterday, and more are expected. It reminds me of the six months that James Schlesinger spent as CIA director in 1973, when, a CIA source said, it got so bad that Schlesinger requested an armed guard to accompany him as he strolled the halls at Langley.

"Putting Condi Rice at the State Department means that the Cheney-Wolfowitz axis will have a free hand—or, a freer hand. Powell, who will go down in history for his idiotic waving of fake anthrax at the UN Security Council in February 2003 and other show-and-tell fakeries cooked up for him by the Pentagon’s Office of Special Plans, never really managed to stop the neocon juggernaut, whose minions will now invade the CIA and State en masse. History will judge Powell harshly, unless, of course, he decides to run for president in 2008. In any case, my guess is that Powell is too cowardly to go from show-and-tell to kiss-and-tell, so don’t expect Powell to write a tell-all book. He wants to stay friends with the Bush dynasty and the neocons. I hope I’m wrong."

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