Thursday, November 04, 2004

C-SPAN: 2004 GENERAL ELECTION RESULTS: Looking at this election map it is striking how Democrat majorites are in the Northeast and West Coast, while Republican majorities are in the South and Mid West. The country is deeply divided. Bush however has won, and this time with a significant majority of the popular vote. This means that lying, corruption, incompetence and disaster are rewarded by the electorate; and that propaganda, disinformation and 'wedging' are the secrets of political success. The feature of Republican success that attracts most comment is how southern, midwestern, poor and rural voters can be got to vote 'against their economic and political interest' by removing those issues from the campaign and focussing on 'values'. To reverse this would take a broad and sustained grassroots campaign to build solidarity and expose the corrupt class-based nature of Republican politics.

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