Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Rumsfeld "Greatest Generation" pander: more false comparisons of Iraq with post-war Germany: Rumsfeld: "One group of those dead-enders was known as 'werewolves.' They and other Nazi regime remnants targeted Allied soldiers, and they targeted Germans who cooperated with the Allied forces. Mayors were assassinated including the American-appointed mayor of Aachen, the first major German city to be liberated. Children as young as 10 were used as snipers, radio broadcasts, and leaflets warned Germans not to collaborate with the Allies. They plotted sabotage of factories, power plants, rail lines. They blew up police stations and government buildings, and they destroyed stocks of art and antiques that were stored by the Berlin Museum. Does this sound familiar?"

Warblogger: "I would like to thank Slate both for bringing these statements to my attention and for throroughly debunking them as the lies that they are. The so-called 'Werwolves' did, in fact, assasinate an American-appointed mayor — but before Germany surrendered to Allied forces nearly two weeks later. In fact, the United States did not lose a single soldier to hostile fire in Germany after that nation surrendered. Not only that, but RAND Corporation says that the United States has not lost a single soldier after the cessation of hostilities in Germany, Japan, Haiti, Kosovo or Bosnia. Iraq and Afghanistan are, in fact, anomolies in that regard."

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