Thursday, September 18, 2003

The Best of Bad Alternatives for the Bush Administration in Iraq, by Ivan Eland: "Karl Rove, the president's political advisor, foolishly agreed to that [neocon attack Iraq] strategy because war and a smashing victory would make the president's popularity soar... In the short-term, Rove was right; in the long-term, he may well have committed a massive blunder... Early withdrawal also could somewhat diminish U.S. prestige... The same "loss of face" argument prevented the United States from withdrawing earlier from Vietnam – only to lose even more prestige when the withdrawal finally came years later. As now, the United States would have been better to declare victory, withdraw U.S. forces and cut its losses – both in human and financial terms."

It seems unlikely that Bush could make such a difficult decision but one of the key roles of the UN in the current crisis is to consistently present the alternative to the Bush Administration should they be able to take it.

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