Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Drury on Strauss and the neocons: Another Drury article on the development of fascist ideology in the United States and the remarkable rise of these people to high office in the country. The core doctrine of Strauss and the neocons is simply pre-enlightenment, anti-democratic, anti-egalitarian fascism: the right and duty of the elite to rule over the masses, using force and lies. Democracy is rejected as a mistake, an absurdity. It seems to me, however, that these people are talking shop, wannabe fascists, with a half-baked imperialist plan, who were as surprised as any that Bush and 9/11 catapulted them into power. As the imperialist project goes awry, they face defeat along with the Bush Administration, and humiliation and rejection. It is possible that only mass electoral fraud backed by repressive force could keep them in power and keep the neocon project on track, but it is not at all clear they are prepared and willing to use these methods. But the 2004 election could be intense and dirty, no doubt.

"The neoconservative goal is reactionary in the classic sense of the term. It is nothing short of turning the clock back on the liberal revolution. And it will use democracy to accomplish its task... It is ironic that American neoconservatives have decided to conquer the world in the name of liberty and democracy, when they have so little regard for either."

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