Sunday, September 14, 2003

Paris, Berlin react to Bush's speech Europe lays down conditions on Iraq: "The speech by President Bush also met with sharp criticism from the European daily papers. The British Independent said that there was much in Bush's speech that was objectionable and “not only the consciously misleading connection made between the September 11 attacks and Iraq.” He “lectured those countries which were opposed to the war on their duties,” but “this is hardly the right tone to convince other countries to risk the lives of their soldiers on dangerous Iraqi territory.”"

"In an even clearer manner, the newspaper Neue Westfälische Zeitung commented last week on the American proposal for a new UN resolution on Iraq. “The draft resolution that is currently being presented to the UN Security Council by US strategists to get it out of the whole mess is nothing less than an insult. The world community is being asked to take part in a so-called multinational peacekeeping force involving unpredictable risks, under conditions where it would not have the slightest influence on the aims and the implementation of the mission.”"

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