Tuesday, September 23, 2003

Coalition Of Joint Venture Looters?: "“We’re not telling them that this is just about writing checks or sending troops, but about having a stake in Iraq so their government agencies and humanitarian groups are involved in a sector when a new sovereign [sic] government is in power in Iraq. It’s a way to get in on the ground floor. That’s the selling point,” according to a “well-placed U.S. official” (Robin Wright, “U.S. Dangles A Carrot: Opportunities in Iraq,” Los Angeles Times, Sept. 10, 2003)."

"In short, the Bushies are trying to organize a new “coalition of joint venture looters,” a limited partnership with the managing general partners based in Washington and London. Given that truly “liberated” Iraqis might not buy into this joint venture looting of their country, this makes pretty open the fact that any claim of a liberation or intent to allow Iraqis to rule their own country is another Big Lie that is a fitting complement to the Big Lie about the urgent threat of those weapons of mass destruction."

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