Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Marwan Barghouti taunts Israeli court: "put together a commerorative book, because this is history": "Mr Barghouti used his final address to the judges in his trial on 26 counts of murder to defend the past three years of resistance to occupation. The intifada has cost more than 3,000 Israeli and Palestinian lives. "I am proud of the intifada. I am proud of the resistance to Israeli occupation," he said. "To die is better than living under occupation. I am standing here because I resisted Israeli occupation."

"Mr Barghouti, who led the Tanzim - the military wing of the Fatah movement - said: "I hope the Israelis have learned that the Palestinian people can not be brought to yield with force. If an occupation does not end unilaterally or through negotiations then there is only one solution, one state for two people. "How can the Jews who suffered and survived the Holocaust allow themselves to resort to such insufferable and unacceptable means against another people?"

"Mr Barghouti, who denounced the court as illegitimate and did not take part in most of his trial, taunted the judges and prosecutors by saying that, whatever the verdict, he would walk free as part of a political deal... "Put together a commemorative book, because this is history," he told the prosecutor. "I'll be out soon enough."

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