Thursday, September 11, 2003

France and Germany Seek Full UN Control Over Iraq: "France and Germany will back the new UN resolution on Iraq sought by President George Bush only if the proposal gives the UN full political rule over the country. The countries have also demanded a clear program for returning power to Iraqis... France believes the handover needs to be quick since many Iraqis fail to distinguish between US and UN control of the country... France doubts a solution lies in extra troops, but says the governing council needs to be given a clear impression of a timetable leading to democratic elections and a constitutional assembly... It remains skeptical of the idea that Britain is wielding significant influence over the new conservative mood in Washington. It has been suggested that No 10 saw the draft US resolution only a couple of days before it was circulated to security council members." - this last comment is a deadly blow against the pretensions of Blair.

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