Monday, September 01, 2003

Edwards: Carnage and Tears: "'Sick souls may indeed be the fruit of sick families and sick societies; but what, in turn, is the measure of sickness for society as a whole? While many criteria might be nominated, there is surely one that ranks above all others: the species that destroys its own habitat in pursuit of false values, in wilful ignorance of what it does, is 'mad' if the word means anything.' (Roszak, The Voice Of The Earth, Simon & Schuster, 1992, p.68)

"The belief, often sincere, that people are working as part of a state-corporate system contributing to the positive development of society makes it extremely hard for them to recognise the destructive impact of their actions - it challenges their whole sense of who they are as benign, reasonable people. This is surely why so many of us, journalists included, find it so hard to recognise the Western subordination of Third World people to profit, and the catastrophic subordination of planet to profit."

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