Sunday, June 29, 2003

Israel: one more step into open Apartheid: "A law forbidding Israeli citizenship for Palestinians from the Occupied Territories who marry Israelis passed its first reading in the Knesset on June 18. This is another milestone on Israel's road to open, institutionalized apartheid.... Jewish-Israeli Knesset member Zehava Gal-On called the bill "racist and discriminatory." Palestinian-Israeli Knesset member Wasil Taha compared it to Germany's 1930s Nuremberg laws which targeted Jews and limited their civil rights, including the right to marriage. The Israeli bill is also reminiscent of apartheid-era South African laws which banned interracial marriages. And, until the Supreme Court overturned them, the United States had a long tradition of laws, specifically restricting Africans, Chinese and Japanese from obtaining citizenship, owning land or marrying whites."

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