Thursday, June 19, 2003

The dullest blog in the world
'Leaning against a wall June 14
I was standing next to a wall and began to feel a little tired. I leaned to the side against the wall and continued to adopt this slightly more comfortable posture for several moments.'

This idiotically inane entry attracted no less than 193 comments, probably all duller than the original post (if that's possible), except of course I couldn't really tell because my eyes glazed over after only the first one or two. In addition to this, according to the New York Times, this blog generates no less than 85,000 per month. Meantime my counter (which I'm now convinced must be broken) shows nobody reading my blog except me and the search engines. I need to give it away and get another pastime or else start posting about 'turning my head to the right to look out the window' and 'the clicking noises my keyboard makes when I type.'

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