Saturday, June 28, 2003

Coup D' Etat In Washington: Andre Gunder Frank summarizes the effective coup by which Bush and the neoconservatives have come to power. The crucial question for the future is whether the neocons would be willing to accept being removed from power; or, how far they are prepared to go (in addition to the 'legitimate' political tactics of scaremongering, warmongering, militarism and patriotism) whether by vote rigging, fraud and/or actual repression to ensure they retain the grip on power. American democracy is perilously placed and there must be a real risk, perhaps a minor one, of it being formally or effectively abolished in favour of a virtual fascism. The key weakness of the neocon ideology is they do not appear to have a plan to guarantee their grip on power when opposition to them throughout society reaches a critical point. An opportunity to remove and discredit them exists but if it is not taken then a slow slide into actual fascism might be predicted.

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