Sunday, June 29, 2003

Green Party Calls On Bush Administration To Stop Second-Guessing Thousands Of Climatologists: "Bush Administration Edits EPA Report, Denies Scientific Consensus on Climate Change... This administration is so bold and so wrong; a true opposition party is needed to raise the U.S. public's awareness about Bush's behind-the-scenes work... Over 1,500 scientists representing many countries have been working, using consensus, for nearly two decades on the realities of climate change. Using many different sources of data including ice core samples, the Keeling Curve, and the changing patterns of El Nino and La Nina, scientists have been able to confirm the rapid rise in the global temperature over the past 150 years. The industrial revolution has created a variance in the global temperature beyond any naturally occurring climate changes, including recurring ice ages.

"It is outrageous that since we are either at war or threatening most of the oil-producing countries, the Bush Administration is running away in a polluted sea of denial from the need to diminish our heavy dependence on oil," said Mark Dunlea, Chair, Green Party of New York State."

This corrupt Bush administration surely cannot last.

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