Thursday, June 05, 2003

ei: The Road Map: Where next after Aqaba summit?
Ali Abunimah discusses the prospects for the 'Road Map.' 'The Gaza Strip and West Bank (which includes Jerusalem) represent just 22% of the historic Palestinian homeland. Every day, Israel works to consolidate its hold on Palestinian land through defacto annexation by the Apartheid wall, the razing of homes and agricultural land, and new Israeli settlements. This process of colonisation is the source of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Any "solution" that does not address and reverse this process is doomed.'

Its too much to expect that Bush, the US and Sharon would be serious about dismantling settlements and withdrawing from the Occupied Territories. Thus the current 'peace process' is a charade, just as all the rest have been. Be sure to let us know when something serious happens.

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