Tuesday, June 17, 2003

Angry, damaging splits among conservatives over Israel
'“The sense of being gagged and intimidated is growing—and with it, a resentment,” [Hoffman] writes, and then goes on to tell us—and this is most important—“The underground dissenters (to Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians) aren’t afraid of the government; they fear informal social and economic punishment. They don’t fear being thrown in jail, but out on the street. Life-and-death issues of American foreign policy aren’t being debated and haven’t been debated, because the would-be debaters on one side fear that the personal cost of carrying on the argument would be too high.” ... “The Moran case is a cautionary tale reinforcing the spreading conviction that a person risks job, career and status if he or she disagrees with the party line on American foreign policy in the Middle East.”'

'What in heaven’s name is going on here? Who do these people think they are? It’s an easy question to answer: they are haters who are determined to destroy anyone who disagrees with the idea of Greater Israel, a Sharon dream since day one... Are Israelis who abhor Sharon’s government policy of allowing extremists to make any future Palestinian state unworkable by expanding the network of colonies anti-Semitic? Are those outraged at the harsh treatment of Palestinians by the Israeli army the world over anti-Semitic? I’ll answer the question with a question. You, sirs, ready to accuse anyone who disagrees with you as anti-Semitic, have you no decency?'

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