Thursday, May 08, 2003

Medialens, very good: Chaining The Watch Dog: Part III
'In the first two parts of this 3-part series, we showed how systemic media bias constitutes one of many "dangerous ideas" excluded from the media as a result of "collusion between the press and the powerful". We suggested that watered down versions of dissent are used to give the impression of open and honest debate on media bias where in fact there is almost none.'

'Given the reality of systemic media bias, the ban on discussing the problem, and the role of this bias in facilitating vast crimes and catastrophes in the world, to what extent should honest journalists be willing to participate in this system? Would we have participated in the Nazi press? Would we have been willing to write for the Soviet state newspaper, Pravda? Should we be willing to participate in a system that has, for example, buried the truth of genocidal Western sanctions responsible for the deaths of one million Iraqi civilians?'

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