Sunday, May 18, 2003

Stakeknife affair: IRA penetrated to the hilt
'Some of the revelations from the FRU handler are astonishing. He said that Stakeknife gathered enough information on leading Provisionals and Sinn Feiners to ruin the republican movement forever. It is this, the FRU officer believes, which prompted Sinn Fein to repeatedly back Scappaticci's claim that he is not Stakeknife. 'If they admit he exists, they are effectively admitting that they were penetrated to the hilt -- that we knew everything about them. It shows that they were our plaything... 'Stakey knows all about the past and all about the main players and what they've done -- the killings they've arranged, the bombings they've arranged, and he could bring the whole f***ing lot down. He was up there with the big boys, many of whom now have public profiles, and if he wants he could put them in jail or ruin them...' 'Scap has repeatedly said that if he was ever compromised that he'd tough it out. He has little respect for the IRA as he knows too much about them, and he always believed he could call their bluff. He also knew that if they touched him, it would bring the whole movement to its knees. Ironically, he is still an asset to the British as they can now keep using him as a whip to beat and terrify the IRA.'''

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