Wednesday, May 21, 2003

Robert Novak: ‘A Long Journey to The High Country of the Right’
'In truth, I consider myself taking a long journey from the mushy ground of the middle to the firm high country of the right. I have moved a long way since the first Evans-Novak column was published on May 15, 1963. Indeed, I feel myself moving—a little farther to the right—every single day.'

'I think George W. Bush can be a great President, but I wish the President would spend more time on basic reform and downsizing of government and less on creating an American imperium.'

I guess these two statements, if they are to be taken as sincere, sum up the delusions, self-deception and sheer wishful thinking (there is literally no other word for it) of the right, American conservatism, and the website. Bush cannot be a 'great' President (the very idea is ridiculous, have they heard this man speak?) and the Administration has no interest in 'downsizing' government (except welfare and public infrastructure programs) or in not creating American imperium. You've been had, and like Hitler's partners in the German cabinet, you need to realise it before its too late.

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