Wednesday, May 21, 2003

How World Public Opinion may Terminate the Bush Juggernaut
A fine, lengthy piece full of positive suggestions which 'explores how Bush’s “tenacious new adversary” can most effectively terminate his juggernaut. It starts by looking at the Bush administration’s strengths and weaknesses and the ways it might be stopped or removed. Then it looks at the various forces around the world and in the US that might want to contribute to doing so – the elements of the “other superpower.” Finally it reviews how these forces might utilize the Bush team’s weaknesses to force an end to their policies.'

'Sooner or later, the Bush policies will almost certainly be terminated by the catastrophic effects of their own failures and unintended consequences. The damage that will be done in the meantime, however, is incalculable, and conditions after their defeat may ensure still further disaster. A reasonable goal is to terminate Bush policies by deliberate action before they would die a natural death and to do so in a way that lays the groundwork for further progress toward global peace and justice.'

A core part of the Bush juggernaut is their doctrine that the US represents “a single sustainable model for national success: freedom, democracy, and free enterprise.” (US National Security Strategy, Sept 2002). For WPO to succeed it is imperative that this triumphalist dogma is challenged and refuted in detail. The failure of the left and of socialist critique of 'capitalism' contributes materially to the forward surge of the 'juggernaut', a “massive inexorable force that advances irresistibly, crushing whatever is in its path.” My view of course is that geoist economic analysis (geonomics) must be inserted into the core of the political/ideological/theoretical critique of modern history and society.

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