Thursday, May 08, 2003

Excellent Medialens: Chaining The Watch Dog pt.II
'It's hard to imagine a more important challenge to the notion that we live in a free society, but is it ever seriously discussed in the mainstream? For years, publicity hungry green and human rights groups - eager to rail against the corporate domination of just about everything - have kept silent on corporate ownership of the media; or they have treated it as a side issue, rather than as the issue that determines what many people know and believe about all issues.

'In 1995, one of us asked Charles Secrett, then Director of Friends of The Earth UK: "Do you think we basically have a free press?" Secrett replied: "There are problems but they're not important." (June 15, 1995) Peter Melchett, then head of Greenpeace UK, responded: "Overall, I think they do a pretty good job."'

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