Tuesday, April 01, 2003

US command hints at timing of major Baghdad attack - days away
'The climactic battle for Baghdad, with lead elements of the US army and marine forces directly engaging Republican Guard units surrounding the capital, could be just days away, as military officials indicated on Monday they did not intend to wait for reinforcements to arrive before launching an all-out attack.'

'There has been pressure, particularly among some army officers, to wait for reinforcements from the 4th Infantry Division, which is beginning to unload its equipment in Kuwait but is still at least two weeks away from joining the fight. But an official at US Central Command said such concerns have largely been set aside by the senior leadership. "Is there any intention to wait for the 4th Infantry Division? No," said the Centcom official... "When the battlefield conditions are right, the coalition forces will engage, in a big way," said a US military spokesman. "When it happens, you'll know it."'

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