Thursday, April 03, 2003

Children Killed and Maimed in Cluster Bomb Attack on Town
'Much of the videotape was too terrible to show on television and the agencies' Baghdad editors felt able to send only a few minutes of a 21-minute tape that included a father holding out pieces of his baby and screaming "cowards, cowards'' into the camera. Two lorryloads of bodies, including women in flowered dresses, could be seen outside the Hilla hospital.'

Censorship of this videotape and similar evidence is a mistake. The truth must be covered in as much detail as possible and brought out of the country. It only serves the interests of the warmaking powers to suppress evidence of their grisly work. What they would like to have of course is a Gulf War 1 coverage, a videogame-style coverage which gives the impression almost no one has been killed.

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