Saturday, December 04, 2004

The 'Values' of the Millionaire Pundit Class: "Fox anchor Chris Wallace discussed his inspiring new book, Character: Profiles in Presidential Courage.... 'My—a fellow, an agent, Bill Adler, came up, called me up and said, Have you ever thought of writing a book? And I said, yes, but I never have had an idea.'

"'And [the Pullman strikers] counted, the labor people, on their friend in the White House staying out, or, if anything, caving in to their demands, Grover Cleveland. Cleveland, who, as I say, was a huge friend of labor, felt that the nation`s security was in jeopardy. And he really went against the Constitution because at the time, there was—you—presidents were not allowed to send troops into a state unless the governor asked for the troops, and Governor [John] Altgeld of Illinois didn`t want them because he was a—he favored labor. And so Cleveland went against the law, went against Altgeld, sent in federal troops, restored order. '"

Classic stuff - a clueless 'pundit' who thinks it is 'courage' for a people's leader to be a class traitor and behaves like a fascist. How detested is the modern corporate 'punditocracy'.

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